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Aurelia C. Scott

Life… through rose-colored glasses

Can perfection be improved? Ask this question of the rosarians interviewed for this book and the answer would be a resounding “yes.” Aurelia Scott’s first book has mystery, rivalry, competition, sex and, most of all, tales of an enduring love affair—with roses. This is an unusual rose book that concentrates more on people than flowers.

Pandora’s box is opened, lifting the lid on the obsessive behavior of exhibitors whose main aim is to win at a large National Rose Show. We journey with them from their gardens to the preparations of their near-perfect blooms, along the way learning secrets of success and celebrating victories. After more than 30 years of rose exhibiting and judging, I know these attitudes—to win a Blue Ribbon or Queen of Show is of major importance and anything might be done in pursuit of that end.

Striving for perfection? Yes. Fanatacism? Yes. Normal people? The jury’s still out.