Take a Ride on the Mortymobile, Launching This Weekend in L.A.

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Take a Ride on the Mortymobile, Launching This Weekend in L.A.

Adult Swim has partnered with global car sharing marketplace Turo to launch a new, Rick and Morty-themed car, the Mortymobile. Launching at the Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles this weekend, the Mortymobile will be available for fans to book in multiple cities throughout the recently begun fourth season of Rick and Morty.

A follow-up to the currently touring Rickmobile, the Mortymobile will be available to book via Turo in L.A. from Nov. 18-25, followed by a San Diego tour on Dec. 9-16. More dates and cities will be announced in 2020, exclusive to dimension C-137.

The Mazda Mortymobile is described on the booking site as follows:

This exhilarating compact Japanese hatchback has been scientifically engineered to transport you in the most ostentatious way possible.

The Mortymobile has everything you’d want in a car! It’s got wheels, it’s got doors, you could take him to the grocery store or to pick up four other people at the movie theater or a restaurant. Imagine the look on your friends’ faces as you pull up in a car being caressed by Morty Smith. It would be priceless (not really, it would actually cost $350)!

You can even take them a reasonably far distance without having to fill up the tank because even with the giant Morty on top of this sweet ride it still gets 25 mpg. Don’t miss your chance to ride in your new favorite Morty!

At the low-ish, reasonable price of $350 per day, you can watch people stare at you and take really cool pics for your Instagram. You do have to be over the age of 30 to book the Mortymobile and you’ll be charged a fully refundable deposit of $750 when you book it (which will be refunded three days after the trip ends without incident). The car features heated seats and a Bose sound system, and as mentioned above, looks like it’s being straddled by a screaming Morty. Hang on, there’s more. All proceeds from the Mortymobile Tour will be donated to an organization that supports and empowers women in technical fields, so you look good, and you’re doing a good thing when you book the exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime vehicle.

Learn more about the Mortymobile here.