Saturday Night Live Helps You Get to Know the Real Baby Yoda

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Saturday Night Live Helps You Get to Know the Real Baby Yoda

There’s one thing all Americans can agree on during these historically fractious times, and its name is Baby Yoda.

Okay, its name is actually “The Child,” as every single press release about the surprise star of Disney’s The Mandalorian calls it. Doesn’t quite have the same ring as “Baby Yoda,” but since this adorable little moppet is definitely not Yoda, and just another member of his as-yet-unidentified alien race, it’s at least more accurate. Baby Yoda is definitely a child, and obviously one of intergalactic import, so yes, The Child will do nicely.

SNL tapped into America’s indefatigable love for all things Baby Yoda during Weekend Update last night, with a segment starring the instant icon itself. Or at least starring cast member Kyle Mooney, wearing green makeup, holding little tiny baby arms, and with a hastily assembled recreation of Baby Yoda’s flying space bassinet around his head. Turns out Baby Yoda can speak, and is a far savvier navigator of the pop culture celebrity waters than you’d probably expect. Whatever you do, don’t stereotype The Child and assume it talks the same way Yoda did—it absolutely hates that.

Is this funny? I mean, do you need my opinion on that? You probably don’t want to hear it. Let’s just agree that you clicked on that headline for a reason, and that this post has given you everything you hoped to see: an SNL sketch starring a comedian dressed up like an infant alien from a popular streaming show. Check it out!