Stephen Colbert Isn’t Sure If Trump Will Still Be President by Friday

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Stephen Colbert Isn’t Sure If Trump Will Still Be President by Friday

On the latest Late Show, Stephen Colbert broke down Donald Trump’s disastrous third round of comments on Charlottesville and questioned the president’s job security after he suggested that the “alt-left” is just as violent as the alt-right.

“Even though many criticized how long it took, the president knew the right thing was to make a statement on Monday, be clear about who was to blame and then move on to the people’s business,” Colbert said before entering reality. “I’m just kidding.”

The host then dissected yesterday’s press conference that he believes might have occurred in “the seventh circle of hell.” Not only did Trump revert to the original statement he gave on the matter, in which he blamed “both sides” for the violence in Charlottesville, but he also expanded on it in a way that made even a Fox News anchor wonder what the fuck was going on.

Colbert did clarify what Trump meant when he claimed that not all of the alt-right crowd in Charlottesville were neo-Nazis and white supremacists: “Some of them were anti-Semites. It was very diverse.” That makes more sense. The president also suggested the general public doesn’t “have any doubt about” the “alt-left” being just as violent as the alt-right, to which Colbert replied, “The only thing I’m doubting right now is whether you’re still gonna be president by Friday.”

Watch Colbert verbally demolish Trump above.