“MEAL Team Six” Saves Meals On Wheels on The Daily Show

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“MEAL Team Six” Saves Meals On Wheels on The Daily Show

The Daily Show host Trevor Noah has introduced a plan to save Meals on Wheels, which under Trump’s proposed budget cuts would probably dissolve completely. If the program is cut, more than 2.4 million Americans will be left without their weekly food deliveries.

Noah pointed out that under the new budget plan, the military will receive a massive increase in funding. “All of this gave us an idea,” said Noah. “If Trump only wants to spend money on the military, then maybe we just have to make everything military.” The only way to make Meals on Wheels military? MEAL Team Six.

Watch the clip above to see the MEAL Team catapult watermelons and drone-drop raw fish in an effort to feed the elderly, disabled and veterans. It doesn’t go as smoothly as they’d like—“Why don’t they just ring the doorbell?” asks one veteran. However, everyone agrees that a militarized Meals on Wheels is much better than nothing at all.