Carnival Cruise Lines Will Brew Its Own Beer

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Sure the beer is popular, but sometimes the location itself is worth taking note. Craft breweries are popping up in some unexpected and amazing buildings, ranging from repurposed old banks, theaters, and even firehouses and churches. So why not on a boat?

Carnival Cruise Lines has announced the addition of a brewpub on one of their new ships, The Carnival Vista, which will embark on its first voyage sometime in the spring of 2016. The ship has many high-end amenities, but the brewpub is the most intriguing. Two copper-topped glass kettles will be used to make ales and lagers unique to the ship inside their RedFrog Pub. The cruise line is mum on specific details about the beer styles and who will brew them, but they plan to have three unique recipes on board.

Carnival told USA Today that they plan to mill the grains on site, making the operation as authentic as possible for their guests. Passengers will then be able to pour their own beers via a unique tabletop draft that is being installed on the ship. Guests have been clamoring for more beer options on Carnival’s ships, where the best sellers remain the macro offerings such as Bud Light and Corona, and the company is responding to the demand.

“The idea came from our guests’ love of craft beers,” says Edward Allen, VP of beverage operations for the company. Carnival also offers regional beers from some port cities, such as Cigar City (Tampa, FL), Abita, (New Orleans, LA), and Maui Brewing Company (Lahaina, HI).