Sleep Tight Takes the Fight to Monsters in the Closet, Launches Today

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Sleep Tight Takes the Fight to Monsters in the Closet, Launches Today

That youthful feeling of staying up past your bed time and letting your imagination run wild is now being realized in game form. As of Thursday, Sleep Tight is available for download on the Nintendo Switch and PC worldwide, according to developer We Are Fuzzy.

The twin-stick shooter allows players to choose from a cast of 12 playable characters as they build pillow forts during the day to help them fight off the monsters at night. The game features a cartoon art style similar to many animated films and a vast array of toys, like dart guns and water balloons, to fend off the creatures of the night.

According to We Are Fuzzy:

Exactly how players survive the night is up to them. Whether it’s running and gunning or hiding behind a fort and letting turrets do the work, Sleep Tight supports a variety of viable strategies. In addition to this, there is a cast of 12 playable characters, each with their own distinctive attributes and playstyle. And what’s more: Five of the kids turn the core survival experience on its head by introducing new unlockable game types, including Tommy’s first-person shooter mode, Picasso’s “Ultimate Pillow Fort” mode, and Kodie’s “Trial of the Teddy” mode.”

Sleep Tight will also collaborate with the streaming platform Mixer, which supports online leaderboards and viewer interaction with the game. Viewers can engage with a stream of Sleep Tight by either helping or challenging the player. “Whether lending a helping hand by dropping additional ammo or spawning more monsters for the player to vanquish, Mixer viewers can join the fun and participate in the live stream experience in a variety of exciting ways,” says developer We Are Fuzzy.

Watch the launch trailer for Sleep Tight below to see what it’s like to build pillow forts and fight off the monsters in the dark.