The Japanese Title for Hobbs & Shaw is Breathtaking–Wild Speed: Super Combo

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The Japanese Title for Hobbs & Shaw is Breathtaking–Wild Speed: Super Combo

We’re not going to try and spin this as must-know movie news, but we figured you’d probably want to know the hilarious Japanese title for Hobbs & Shaw all the same. The Fast and Furious spin-off will burst its way into the Japanese box office armed with a title that will surely propel it to greatness—Wild Speed: Super Combo. You can see a brief snippet of that Japanese title in this .gif.

Yeah! Does that not make you want to run with reckless abandon and perhaps even wild speed, punching through walls en route to a super combo? Why don’t American action movie titles make such overt promises to raise your heart rate?

If Hobbs & Shaw were to generate a sequel of its own, it begs the question of whether the Japanese title of that movie would be more likely to stick to Fast and Furious naming convention, giving us something like 2 Wild 2 Combo, or whether they might look toward Japanese fighting game naming conventions to produce the likes of Hyper Wild Speed: Raging Ultra Combo. We think the sheer amount of yen that would be produced by the latter title make an excellent case for choosing it.

Hobbs & Shaw stars international action mega-stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Jason Statham in a classic buddy team-up flick that looks tremendously entertaining despite its “I can’t believe how gleefully dumb this is” characters. Certainly, it looks like a throwback to an era of action films where spectacle was far more important than coherency or believability. Check out the latest trailer for Hobbs & Shaw, embedded below. The film we’ll now be referring to as Wild Speed: Super Combo hits both U.S. and Japanese theaters on Aug. 2, 2019.