Eternal Summers

Daytrotter Session - Aug 8, 2012

Eternal Summers – Daytrotter Session – Aug 8, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Good As You
  3. I Love You
  4. On My Honor
  5. Silver

There’s always an urge to think that you’d like the summer to go on and on. It’s an urge that dies off considerably as you get older, but that’s when the urge just transitions into something more like a desire for the Indian Summer to continue, for extended warmth before the cruel grip of the year’s frozen season kicks in. It only feels right to hope for more time with rolled down windows and post-dinner walks, as the dusky light gets heavier and thicker. You would be happy with something reminiscent of summer, but all you’re really hoping for is an autumn that sticks close to you. It’s funny that love blooms in such hot climates and then succumbs to exhaustion once the weather chills. The stories that come out of the songs of Roanoke, Virginia, trio Eternal Summers are those that warp themselves into place through the dog days, when the energy just to rise is all that there is to tap into. They are of those lengthy blasts of afternoons that bleach out the lettering on signs and cause everyone to consult the tube of sunblock for the protection that they need as they sweat out their purities and impurities. “I Love You” feels like two hearts are drag-racing, as if the sparks are getting kicked up from mufflers scraping against the concrete when they bottom out, but keep on going. It feels exhilarating and only possible at this very time, when the days are longer and more strained, when no one’s getting to bed at a reasonable hour, because they just don’t want to, because the light’s still pouring in through the windows at all hours. Eternal Summers lead singer Nicole Yun delivers performances of wanting love, of stumbling over young love. It’s done in a way that feels wonderfully gooey and salty, getting to the places where the tongue-tied tries are high points, not low ones, where the beauty of endless floating in the lukewarm waters of slippery love is as good as it gets.