Henry + The Invisibles

Daytrotter Session - May 18, 2012

Henry + The Invisibles – Daytrotter Session – May 18, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. My Love Is For You
  3. Soul Shaker
  4. Yo Future

You could spend your whole night wrapped up in the version of “My Love Is For You,” as Henry Roland of the one-man funk and soul band Henry & The Invisibles performs it here. It extends in every direction imaginable, giving us lengthy interludes and flairs in all of the places that you’d expect them to be and all of the places that you’ve never heard them placed before. There’s the boisterous tambourine shaking at the intro of the song and then, just when you didn’t think that the song was going to travel into Les Claypool territory, near the seven-minute mark, it defies you and does it. All of it bubbles back to some vocal loops of Roland at his most Stax.

All of it is significant, never feeling bloated or thrown in as anything showy. It’s all capable of doing what he says his life’s objective is – during dance floors to the ground, or further into the ground from where he finds them. The middle of the song – or the story – where Roland is singing his aching heart out, while making it sound like a cocktail hour at a lounge that’s most interesting when it’s almost empty in the middle of the afternoon, except for that one old guy who’s there every day and doesn’t say much, just sits, drinks and thinks his way through the rest of the daylight hours, frames a picture of lust that wants to be something more lasting.

It’s interesting that such an elongated version exists of a song that deals with such a fleeting feeling of loving someone who doesn’t realize it. It’s about that instant connection that’s not a connection at all, just a screwy little feeling that you get when you see someone you immediately can’t take your eyes or thoughts away from. This song, in a way, perpetuates this feeling – of something so quick and innocent – and showing how it sticks with you, rumbles around, and won’t leave you alone. It’s probably a good thing, because you’re not asking to be left alone. You want to feel what Roland and making you feel. The wood beneath your feet feels like it’s getting warmer.