Hinds Release Los Nastys Cover “Holograma” in Honor of Deluxe Leave Me Alone Release

"Holograma" is the band's first Spanish-language release

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Despite being a Spanish indie-rock band, Hinds never write songs in Spanish. It wouldn’t really be wise for them to do so, since their fan base exists mostly outside of their home country. Even their excellent single “Castigadas En El Granero” is sung in English, despite the title.

But in honor of today’s release of the deluxe edition of Leave Me Alone, they decided to make an exception. They’ve just released a playful cover of “Holograma” by Spanish punk-rock band Los Nastys. It’s a song that Hinds holds close to their hearts, as the first tune the band played after returning from a nearly two-year break in 2013.

Los Nastys are a major inspiration to the group. In a statement, Hinds gushed that they’re “the best band in the world. since ever and forever.”

Listen to “Holograma” below, and grab your deluxe copy of Leave Me Alone here.