Miles Kane and Finn Bálor Go Head to Head in the “Cry On My Guitar” Music Video

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Miles Kane and Finn Bálor Go Head to Head in the “Cry On My Guitar” Music Video

Miles Kane’s album Coup de Grace is due out Aug. 10, and in anticipation, he has released a music video for the track “Cry On My Guitar.” Starring alongside Kane in the video is WWE professional wrestler Finn Bálor.

For a song with such a mournful title, the music video gets physically brutal, channeling the rock energy of the song into a series of fight scenes between the two elegantly-dressed men. Not a gentlemanly scuffle though, as at one point Bálor drags a struggling Kane across the floor, but even so the outmatched singer lands some solid hits of his own. There’s no lip-syncing during the actual fighting as Kane’s voice rings “When you push me, yeah, you push me,” behind the men as Bálor pushes Kane up against a wall.

As the fight moves from the apartment to the building’s hallway, the song is enhanced by the sound effects of breaking glass and the sharp wail of a fire alarm, and the guitar-led instrumental break marks Kane and Bálor’s staredown. The scene flashes next to Kane now bruised up and on a stretcher (and also lip-syncing). The song ends with a black screen that then opens up again into a sort of epilogue of hospital monitor beeping and deranged laughter.

What’s missing from the video? The wrestler’s finisher, “Coup de Grâce,” which is the origin of the album’s title. A “blow of mercy,” it traditionally refers to a mercy-killing and the giving of a final death blow to alleviate pain. Kane, or anyone else, is lucky to avoid being on the receiving end of Bálor’s version since, in wrestling, it involves planting your feet on the abdomen of your opponent after jumping off the ring’s top rope—ouch. While wrestlers do take precautions to mitigate serious (or even lethal) injuries, that would still hurt. A lot.

Watch the music video for “Cry On My Guitar” below: