Listen to Now, Now’s New Holiday Heartbreak Anthem, “Lonely Christmas”

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Listen to Now, Now’s New Holiday Heartbreak Anthem, “Lonely Christmas”

Sometimes, the “most wonderful time of the year” is actually the worst. All the festivities have a flip side: If you’re dealing with a broken heart, the pressure for good cheer and celebration might leave you feeling even more aware of what’s missing. But indie-pop duo Now, Now are here to make you feel a little less alone: They released a whole album of infectious anthems to lovelorn desperation, Saved, last year—and they’re back to put a seasonal spin on what they do best with a new single, “Lonely Christmas.”

Unlike Now Now’s last standalone single, the haunting, intensely building “Enda,” “Lonely Christmas” wouldn’t have been too out of place on Saved. It glides along with bouncy synths that’ll have you bobbing your head as you indulge in painful nostalgia. “It might be cold outside tonight, but I don’t feel it / Yeah, I feel nothing,” croons KC Dalager: “I just want to sit with you in my car, listen to the radio.” “Lonely Christmas” is catchy enough to listen to all year, but it’s also got the jingly flourishes and just the hint of holiday corniness necessary to make it sound like a Christmas classic in the making.

Listen to “Lonely Christmas” below, along with Now, Now’s 2012 Daytrotter session.