Song Premiere: Paul Bergmann – “You May Never Know”

Music Video Paul Bergmann
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Song Premiere: Paul Bergmann – “You May Never Know”

Paul Bergmann may be based in Los Angeles, but is music is informed by far more than the big city. Growing up in small town Massachusetts, the singer-songwriter took cues from the likes of classic folk artists like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell as he began to develop his own voice as a songwriter. But his affinity for writing music wasn’t what came first—singing was Bergmann’s first introduction to music, and he grew up refining his talent with vocal lessons and roles in musicals before he began his own evolution as an artist and creator.

The longstanding perfectionism in vocals reveals itself on Bergmann’s latest new song, “You May Never Know,” a number from his forthcoming EP Romantic Thoughts. The song was co-produced by Nick Waterhouse and Kevin Augunas, and from the song’s opening beat to its final rattling moments, it’s obvious that Bergmann’s is a voice worth your attention, both lyrically and sonically. Stream the song in the player above.

Romantic Thoughts is set for release on Oct. 2 via Fairfax Recordings.