London Electronic Duo Real Lies Release New Single “You Were in Love”

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London Electronic Duo Real Lies Release New Single “You Were in Love”

London electronic outfit Real Lies unveiled a new single today (Nov. 20), “You Were in Love.” Along with their 2018 one-off releases (“The Checks,” “White Flowers,” “Man of The Land”), this is their first new music since their 2015 debut album Real Life, one of the best alternative-dance records of the past decade.

In a feature recently published by the Hackney Gazette, frontman Kev Kharas discussed the departure of their bandmate and co-lead vocalist Tom Watson and their struggles in the years since their first record came out. Now in a much better headspace, Kharas and producer Patrick King have confirmed a new Real Lies album is on the way.

“It’s been a weird few years,” Kharas writes in a press release. “Sometimes it’s felt as though we might drown in them.”

“You Were in Love,” which comes with an accompanying video directed by Charlie Fegan, is a blurry, lovelorn reflection with Kharas reaching into the darkest corners of his psyche, trying to pick up the pieces of a world that’s just been shattered. Kharas has always excelled at channeling the sublime sadness and euphoria of the city in the earliest hours of the morning, and this touching, downtempo track chips away at the facade of an urban utopia.

“‘You Were In Love’ is a song about what heartbreak can do to a city—how it can leave bruises on the map, almost, turning the streets that once played host to the first flushes of infatuation into no-go zones,” says Kharas. “It’s a song about romance disappearing from a life and being absorbed into the night air and brickwork.”

Listen to “You Were in Love” below.