Daily Dose: Stone Irr, “All We Want Anymore”

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Daily Dose: Stone Irr, “All We Want Anymore”

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Los Angeles via Indiana singer/songwriter Stone Irr has shared “All We Want Anymore,” a new single from his forthcoming second album Performance, out on Sept. 20 via Darling Recordings.

“All We Want Anymore” has everything you’d want in a classic pop song—the dizzy, the dreamy and the grand. Stone brings bright vocal harmonies and everything but the kitchen sink—lush string arrangements, waves of rippled guitars, both happy-go-lucky and melancholy keyboards, distinctly vintage drums and horns that shout “hurrah” during the grand finale. It’s a must-hear for fans of the California pop songs of yesteryear and crushingly beautiful songs that play when the end credits roll.

“After I wrote it, I knew I wanted it to have this melancholic ELO meets the Beatles vibe with a huge swell of strings at the end of the track,” Stone says. “This is the song I’ve always wanted to write and produce—something full and “widescreen” in sound. Funny enough, the lyrics are about how I like writing songs just for my own enjoyment; sort of a love letter to songwriting.”

Listen to “All We Want Anymore” below, and you can preorder Performance here.