Daytrotter Session - Dec 20, 2011

Tammar – Daytrotter Session – Dec 20, 2011
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Emily’s Army
  3. Deep Witness
  4. Frost Meter

All of the bars that you can walk into here in Rock Island and Davenport – the place where we walk into bars – will give you a reliable dose of the music that you’ve heard ridden into the ground. They are the standards or the Top 40 hip-hop/pop cuts that you’ve done your best to not be too familiar with. It’s a personal choice. There might be a few in there that are so ubiquitous in their livelihoods that you haven’t been able to avoid completely. The point is that, there is a need – where we’re from – for bars that will give us something different, but not too different. We don’t need them going Brooklyn or Los Angeles on us. We’d prefer that they go Bloomington, Indiana on us. We think that we have a lot in common with the college town, over and out east, down to the south, more than we would those glitzier and glammier cities that we always feel less cool in, by a quotient of 20. A band like Tammar here – which is from there — is right in line with our thoughts about what we would rather hear when we go out at night and want to sit down with a half dozen beers or so and throw cracked peanut shells down onto the ground at Steve’s. We’d like to do what we could in pretending that we’re more in a bigger city than we are, but without ever having to be in one. We’d rather not have to deal with the traffic or feeling like people are living right up and on top of us and we know that Tammar knows what we mean. Its atmospheric electronic-leaning material is that devoid of smog, but stuffed to the gills with smoke and the kinds of DFA-like experiments that we can give our approval to. Somehow, the Rapture would just sound a little different here, than it does in other places, just as Wisconsin cheese tastes just like cheese in other places, but in Madison, you know the good stuff when it hits the tongue. Sometimes we wear cowboy boots – some of us wear them rather often – when we hit the bar and we’d rather listen to those songs that remind us of the faded lights, the fluorescent glows that never blind and the trembling of our ambitions and where we might fear they’ve gone to die. It’s here, in this city or this area, where we’ve vowed we never want to leave. We like it here (whether we’ve talked ourselves into that conclusion or not is a different discussion altogether) and we’ve always determined that there are more reasons to stay here – there are more positives – than there are negatives, but some days, man, some days it can be hard and lead singer Dave Walter’s voice reminds us of all these feelings, all at once.