The Kinks’ Dave Davies Dismisses Reunion Rumors, But Says He’s Working on “Other Stuff” With Ray

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This weekend The Sun reported that Kinks founding member Ray Davies said of his brother, “Dave and I will definitely work together again. And we want to play live. Maybe The Kinks could play Glastonbury?”

As talk of a Kinks reunion took off, Dave quickly contradicted this claim in a Facebook post, saying that he hasn’t talked to Ray about reuniting the band “at all.” However, they are trying to work on “OTHER STUFF,” whatever that means:

ME AND RAY have not spoken about Kinks showS at all- although weRE TRYING TO WORK TOGETHER ON OTHER STUFF and have worked on music together . In the meantime we both have albums finished. My album Open Road I did with my son Russ comes out in 2017! – Dave

The brothers’ long-standing feud has eased in recent years; they even worked on some new music together in 2014. So maybe the “stuff” in the works isn’t a Kinks reunion, per se, but a collaboration between the brothers in a different style, or at least without the other surviving members of the band. We’ll have to wait and see.