We Are Serenades

Daytrotter Session - Jul 13, 2012

We Are Serenades – Daytrotter Session – Jul 13, 2012
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. Fireworks
  3. Walking Home
  4. Birds
  5. Ride Like The Wind

It was just the 4th of July around these parts and one of the best things that came out of this country’s celebration of Independence Day this year was the colossus of malfunctioning computers in San Diego. The video footage of the city’s entire 20-minute fireworks show getting set off simultaneously was one of the most spectacular things that’s ever happened. Do you know how many boys all over the world dreamed of that very same scenario, or how absolutely fucking amazing it would be if they were ever in a position to make such a spectacle happen – to just light every single keg of gunpowder all at once and watch as the sky became the most colorful and smoky picture of chaos that ends with deaf ears and no one getting hurt that anyone could ever dream up. The feeling of pure joy that swelled in so many chests, upon seeing such a display, was immeasurable, but likely extremely widespread.

The wind carried the smoke up and away from there and what was left down there on the ground, watching and still in disbelief, were thousands and thousands of people who were so happy that the fireworks show that they likely battled traffic there and away from was only 20 seconds long. They could never have planned for such a thing and they couldn’t have possibly known that they secretly wanted it to happen as badly as they actually. All of those secret, deep-down and harbored wishes – childhood or not – make all of those fireworks blow up at the exact same time. The human mind and heart is a powerful thing and don’t you dare let anyone tell you differently.

Stockholm, Sweden’s We Are Serenades would have applauded this fireworks show and they perhaps already have. To have all kinds of emotions packed into a tiny little span of time like that is what they’re all about. Even a song, like theirs CALLED “Fireworks,” gets into it a bit, as they try to tell the person that they’re in love with, just what it is about them that makes all of this possible. Lead singer Adam Olenius, formerly of the underrated group The Shout Out Louds, sings, “There’s nothing else like you and me,” in as simple of an explanation as he can offer. He and his other are like fireworks, which he seems to liken to the uniqueness of snowflakes. It’s the way that love gets to a person – that it can be explosive beauty to just ooh and ahh at, with a mouth agape. He later sings, “Now I know what love is all about,” apparently still thinking that these are all good signs.