Brazilian Company In Charge of Distributing 450,000 Condoms To Olympic Athletes is Investigated for Fraud

Olympics News Rio 2016
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The Olympics are four days away, and athletes are steadily filling up the massive Olympic village apartments (despite a few hiccups along the way). In preparation for the athletes’ time between contests, the International Olympic Committee made sure to order plenty of condoms: 450,000 to be exact.

Despite their best intentions to provide necessary protection to the Village’s temporary residents, it appears the IOC’s plan has a gaping hole in the form of fraudulent contracts and price fixing.

As ESPN Brasil reports, the country’s federal police are investigating the company Social & Solutions for $30 million in falsified contracts with the Brazilian Ministry of Sports.

Social & Solutions is apparently a falsified name, with the real organization behind the deal identified as Carioca Promo Consulting LTDA, led by one Higor do Amaral Leite.

Leite denied the claims to ESPN Brasil, saying his company was used improperly by a former business partner and that he is the victim of scheme.

No word yet on whether the IOC will recover the condoms lost in the dirty deal as the investigation continues.