World Anti-Doping Agency Reinstates Previously Suspended Rio Lab

Olympics News
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After suspending an essential drug-testing lab in Rio last month for a “non-conformity” issue, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced that the lab has now been cleared for testing.

After the lab was shuttered, WADA’s disciplinary committee reviewed the case and recommended changes at the lab. Yesterday, the committee offered their recommendation to reopen the lab to the chairman of the executive committee, who approved it.

“All parties worked diligently to resolve the identified issue so that the Laboratory could be up and running optimally for the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games that start on 5 August,” said Olivier Niggli, WADA’s Director General. “Athletes can be confident that anti-doping sample analysis has been robust throughout the Laboratory’s suspension; and, that it will also be during the Games.”

Doping has been a major point of conflict so far in the games. Today, the Court of Arbitration of Sport denied the Russian Olympics Committee’s appeal to allow the country’s track and field team to compete in Rio after the athletes were banned amidst a huge national doping scandal.