Breitbart Actually Fired a Writer for Being Too Anti-Muslim

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Breitbart Actually Fired a Writer for Being Too Anti-Muslim

In a surprising move for the alt-right publication, Breitbart fired writer Katie McHugh after she posted several anti-Muslim tweets following the London Bridge terror attack. As you might imagine, it took some incredibly on-the-nose tweets to earn the axe from the alt-right’s digital safe space:

A few of McHugh’s former colleagues anonymously told CNN they believed her comments to be “appalling,” “terrible” and “dumb.” Of course, another one of her colleagues, Ryan Saavedra, retweeted McHugh’s first comment and added, “People think I’m kidding when I say this but the crusades need to come back.” That tweet was apparently deleted fast enough that Breitbart didn’t feel the need to fire him, as well.

Honestly, it looks more like the news outlet is worried about garnering too much extra controversy than legitimately punishing racist writers. This wasn’t even the first time McHugh had said something overtly racist, having before tweeted, “Mexicans wrecked Mexico & think invading the USA will magically cure them them of their retarded dysfunction. LOL.” Laugh out loud, indeed.

For her part, McHugh really doubled down on her comments and hopes to be employed again soon. She’s even kicked off a crowdfunding campaign, which is pretty ballsy for an unemployed racist:

So feel free to help her out if you hate everybody and yourself. Breitbart has yet to comment.

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