“Make America Great Again” Overalls Are Finally Here

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“Make America Great Again” Overalls Are Finally Here

While Team Trump has managed to slather his nationalist slogan, “Make America Great Again,” onto virtually every kind of product imaginable, there were still a few articles of clothing left sadly un-emblazoned. This could leave some people feeling a little left behind when the Trump train leaves the station. Thankfully, they’ve managed to remedy the issue.

That’s right, now even Trump’s favorite demographic, local milk people, can support their president and their country with their daily work attire. Nothing like disparaging immigrants while also squeezing out some bone-healthy cow juice.

While many overall purchasers these days tend to be snowflake hipsters, it’s important to remember that overalls were originally designed for manual labor. That’s the kind of America we want to go back to—one where everybody wore overalls and didn’t talk to foreigners.

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