Jay Z’s Cohiba Comador Humidor

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Jay Z’s Cohiba Comador Humidor

Earlier this year, Jay Z teamed up with cigar maker Cohiba for a luxury cigar, the Comador. The Caribbean and Central American tobacco is wrapped in a Connecticut Havana wrapper—a tobacco strain indigenous to Cuba, but transported to New England in the 1700s and cultivated on a plot surrounding the Farmington River. The leaves are then shipped to the Dominican Republic where they’re filled with tobacco that’s been aged four years, including a final year in a rum barrel.

The seven-cigar Toro Box retails for $210, but we were more interested in the Travel Comador Humidor, selling for $350 including seven cigars. The unique cylindrical case is made of black carbon and gold steel, lined with Spanish cedar—as pretty on the inside as the out. Solid without being unnecessarily heavy, its components are easily revealed with two screw-on elements to keep the pricey cigars from drying out. A Boveda humidity pack is also included.

The design is as sleek as you’d expect from both the rapper and the luxury brand he’s attached his name to, like a futuristic time capsule, complete with O-ring. If you’re a serious cigar aficionado, we can’t think of a better way for your treasured smokes to travel.

The Cohiba Comador Humidor is for sale at https://www.comadorcigar.com/.