Feed Your Feed!: 10 Wedding-Related Twitter Accounts Worth Following

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Planning a wedding can feel as hectic as a movie production, in which brides and grooms are the writers, designers, directors, producers and stars. With a million choices to make, from whether to go white or off-white, fresh or faux flowers, to Grandma’s nail color, weddings are intense, exhausting, but hopefully fun. It helps to have those who’ve done it before help the betrothed sift through the “do’s” and the “dont’s.” To assist those heading down the aisle, here are 10 great Twitter feeds to follow when getting ready for the big day.

1. The Knot – @theknot
Twitter Bio: We’re the girls from http://TheKnot.com . We eat, sleep and breathe weddings.
Followers: 153K
Need for Feed: The Knot is the Roman Empire of matrimony. Having guides on all things wedding, from invites to shoes, the Knot gives a plethora of amazing advice.

2. WeddingWire – @WeddingWire
Twitter Bio: The nation’s leading #weddings marketplace. We offer the largest vendor catalog and cutting edge tools to plan your wedding! Are you a vendor? @WeddingWireEDU
Followers: 197K
Need for Feed: Picking a venue can be one of the most daunting choices to make when getting hitched. It’s hard to find that perfect mix of great locale, comfortable distance from the ceremony, and low dollar sign. Wedding Wire is an incredible resource to search for vendors of all things wedding, starting with the venue.

3. Love My Dress – @LoveMyDressBlog
Twitter Bio: Award-winning wedding blogger. Author of ‘Style Me Vintage Weddings’. Social media geek. I adore elegant, glamorous weddings & supporting brilliant businesses.
Followers: 31.4K
Need for Feed: As said in the description, Love My Dress is linked to a renowned UK blog of the same name, and discusses all things about love and marriage. Not only does it hold great tips on bridal beauty and DIY, it also features stunning photos of real couples to draw inspiration from.

4. EmmalineBride – @EmmalineBride
Twitter Bio: Emma of EB. Wife + mama. I love handmade, DIY & all things wedding. Author of The Handcrafted Wedding (http://emmalinebride.com/book).
Followers: 20.4K
Need for Feed: For the crafty and thrifty, Emma teaches how to make handmade wedding crafts, favors, and trinkets. Crafting adds a unique and personal touch to your wedding. Emma also give modern alternatives to old-school traditions: paper flowers instead of fresh flowers, headbands and clips rather than veils.

5. Polka Dot Bride – @polkadotbride
Twitter Bio: Dorothy Polka-Editor of Australian wedding blog Polka Dot Bride. Inc Polka Dot Groom, Polka Dot Wisdom, Polka Dot Weddings, Polka Dot Made &Polka Dot Honeymoons
Followers: 26.1K
Need for Feed: The Polka Dot Bride is the maid/man of honor that will be your best friend and assistant in your wedding adventure. She’ll remind you of all the questions to ask and help you stop and appreciate the important moments. Best of all, she fits into your pocket and doesn’t start any drama about what dress she’s going to wear.

6. Rose Castro – @iWedding Flowers
Twitter Bio: none
Followers: 5,658
Need for Feed: Flowers add a visual and olfactory effect to any event, but choosing flowers can cause sensory overload. Wedding Flower Photos showcases galleries of wedding floral arrangements from the top wedding florists around the United States.

7. huffpostwedding – @HuffPostWedding
Twitter Bio: The Big Day and everything after, HuffPost style. Brought to you by @TarynHillin @AshleyBReich & @KelseyBorresen.
Followers: 30.2K
Need for Feed: HuffPo is known for aggregating great stories, but the Huff Post wedding twitter account focuses on the sound of those wedding bells ringing. They break stories about weddings in the news, but also provide great articles on the validity of the honeymoon effect, wedding trends, and marriage advice from John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

8. MarthaStewartWedding – @MarthaWeddings
Twitter Bio: Ideas, inspiration, and the inside scoop from the editors of Martha Stewart Weddings.
Followers: 118K
Need for Feed: If there is an American hostess with the mostest, it is probably Martha. She knows how to cook, entertain, and do all sorts of little crafts to make the big day enchanting. This twitter feed focuses solely on advice for nuptials, so following this event guru’s wedding feed is a no-brainer.

9. DIY Weddings® Mag – @DIYWeddingsMag
Twitter Bio: A wedding magazine written and created by brides for brides. Put your personal stamp on your wedding.
Followers: 25.5K
Need for Feed: DIY weddings offers great advice on how to home make many of your wedding accessories. From desserts to dresses, this feed has all the poofy aspects of the big day covered.

10. Wedding Party – @Wedding
Twitter Bio: The App for your wedding
Followers: 6,977
Need for Feed: Juggling all these little tidbits can be exhausting, and it helps to stay organized so the ball doesn’t get dropped. @wedding is linked to a great app, Wedding Party, that helps fiancées stay on top of what needs to get done. The twitter feed has great advice for all those either planning or attending a wedding.

There you have it—a drop from an ocean (or at least a sizable lake) of good Twitter feeds for getting hitched. How about you, Paste readers … what are some other good Twitter feeds for people who are getting married?

Madina Papadopoulos is a New York-based freelance writer and regular contributor to Paste. You can follow her on Twitter.