YouTube Reaches 1.5 Billion Monthly Users

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YouTube Reaches 1.5 Billion Monthly Users

Almost 20 percent of literally everybody logs onto YouTube at least once a month. YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki announced YouTube’s monthly users had officially passed the 1.5 billion mark. Also during her presentation at the annual Vidcon conference in Anaheim, Wojcicki also disclosed that YouTubers average over an hour a day watching YouTube videos on their mobile devices, THR reports.

In the process of enthralling the hearts and minds of an entire planet, in 2015 YouTube officially launched its subscription streaming platform Red. No longer would the company be forced to rely solely on nut-shot videos uploaded by third parties—they could now create original content and make you pay for it. So far, YouTube’s 37 original series have managed 250 million views alone. And while that may pale in comparison to the Earth-shattering “Gangnam Style,” those are still very encouraging numbers for a still-young subscription service competing against heavyweights like Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Video and Hulu.

Next for YouTube, they plan to being offering 180-degree videos as a cheaper alternative to 360-degree videos, and rolling their live TV package, YouTube TV, out to more markets. We’ll have cute kitten videos uploaded straight into our brains before we know it. Truly, these are exciting times.