Watch the Suspenseful Trailer for Season Two of Netflix’s Ozark

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Watch the Suspenseful Trailer for Season Two of Netflix’s Ozark

Things are firing up in the season two trailer for Ozark—or someone is getting fired up if the body-shaped wrappings set aflame in a mortuary chamber are anything to go off of. Streaming on Aug. 31, Ozark’s new season brings Jason Bateman back as Marty Byrde—a father and accountant whose money laundering sent the Byrde family packing from Chicago to, you guessed it, the Ozarks (specifically Missouri).

Still wrapped up with a drug cartel and other threats, Marty and his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) are also at the end of interrogations from their children. “Have you killed other people,” isn’t a question most parents would expect to be one of the “tough questions” to come up when raising children, but that’s exactly what son Jonah (Skylar Gaertner) asks, and maybe the Byrde parents should’ve prepped for it when they chose to become involved in these dangerous schemes. (You can read about Marty Byrde’s interesting ethics here, though.) Choice, then, is a central focus of the new Ozark trailer, which opens almost immediately with Marty saying, “People make choices, Wendy. We don’t have to live under the weight of those decisions.” The final line in the trailer returns to this moment as Wendy says, “And you’re the one who has always said ‘People make choices.’”

Enter the black and blue world of Ozark in the season two trailer below and read Paste’s review of season one right here.