Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, Day Two: An Absolute Treat for the Walking Dead Superfan

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Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, Day Two: An Absolute Treat for the Walking Dead Superfan

Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta is something that every fan of The Walking Dead dreams of visiting one day. With thousands of attendees and a large number of celebrity guests, the three-day convention is a massive gathering that draws everyone who loves the zombie and horror genres. This convention in particular provides fans with the opportunity to meet not only their favorite celebrities, but also fellow fans that share in their obsession with the undead.

While things may have gotten started on Friday, the Georgia World Congress Center truly came to life early Saturday morning as thousands of energetic fans lined up to enter the convention floor. VIP badge holders were allowed entry an hour and a half earlier than the general admission crowd, giving them prime access to the many celebrity lines and booths. Even while waiting to enter, you could feel the sense of wonder and camaraderie among the fans; everyone is simply excited to be surrounded by those that share the same interests. It isn’t until the doors are opened that the energy hits an all-time high.

Walking into the convention floor feels like stepping into a whole new world. To the left of you is a herd of zombies and to the right is groups of fans dressed as characters from The Walking Dead such as Daryl, Abraham and of course, Negan. Walker Stalker Con is the perfect place for fans to show off their creative cosplay to the masses. Where else can you walk beside Carl and Michonne or wait in line for food behind Rick and Maggie? These cosplayers aren’t specific to a certain age, either—some of the best costumes were those of children. Seeing the creativity of other attendees is a component that helps to make the convention truly memorable.

Speaking of creativity, the various vendor booths that were set up for Walker Stalker Con allowed guests to peruse for a souvenir or gift. Many of the booths featured some unique and fascinating fan art that was available for purchase; one booth gave guests the opportunity to watch an artist create paintings of the cast and characters. There was also a wide range of different shirts and other types of clothing featuring the multitude of memes and other jokes associated with The Walking Dead, many of which had to do with the grim season premiere that recently aired. Life-size versions of Negan’s signature weapon Lucille were also available to purchase.

A major draw of Walker Stalker Con Atlanta is the fact that nearly every main cast member is there to meet and take photos with. Saturday marked the first time several of the newer cast members made their inaugural appearance on the convention circuit for The Walking Dead. Most notably, Jeffrey Dean Morgan made his debut to a massive crowd of adoring fans, even after his character Negan made his sinister entry into the series last week. Other first-time cast appearances included Xander Berkeley and Khary Payton. The love and appreciation that the cast has for the fans was clearly shown as each celebrity guest took the time to sign autographs, take photos and have meaningful conversations with each and every fan that waited in line.

The final component that makes this Atlanta convention especially memorable is the highly interactive panels that take place. Utilizing the grand main hall, fans were treated to several discussions featuring a variety of cast and crew members from The Walking Dead and other incredibly popular franchises. Some of the notable panels included a discussion with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and executive producer Greg Nicotero about the much-anticipated first appearance of the character Negan. There was also a lively panel that involved Danai Gurira and Chandler Riggs speaking about the friendship between their respective characters, Michonne and Carl. Each panel was essentially an open forum, allowing fans from the audience to come forward and ask their questions.

For any superfan of The Walking Dead, a trip to Walker Stalker Con Atlanta is an absolute treat. Not only are you able to meet fellow fans and discuss the series, you can also interact with an assortment of celebrity guests, all of whom share in the excitement of the convention. While Walker Stalker isn’t the only convention in existence, it definitely has its own unique feel to it. From the entertaining panels and celebrity guests to the different booths and souvenir stands, this convention truly has something for everyone.